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about us...

I am Richard Edmond Brown. Many say that I am determined, persistent, kind, loving, peaceful, loyal...

I am the proud owner of the new marketing and graphic design firm in town - Phoenix!! 

I will PROVE to you what I am. Do you have something that is revolutionary? Do you have one of those things that the young kids and teenagers all want...actually you can't even keep them on the shelves they are selling so fast? Do you have something that everyone is seeking or that one thing they should be? Do you have a house for rent or sale? Do you have a boat? What do you need the word spread out about? What do you need to put on the internet? I can help you spread that news and get customers in your door. 

For your next event do you have the signs that you need to be done? What about the flyers? Balloons with Papa's Name on them? What about the beach towels with the family logo on them? Do you have all the custom-made, printed promotional items? We will create and work alongside countless agencies to help you get the best deal on 1 or 100 or even 100.000.000 items you need.  

I will treat your project which includes 1 printed flyer I did not even produce and make it look as amazing as the order for 2,000,000 bags that Wal-Mart needs. I know that you are just as valuable as a customer as they are! I also promise that you will have your order in a rapid manner with constant communication. I vow that our service will be one of the most memorable you will ever have. 

Born in raised in Augusta, Georgia - well actually Thomson, GA - I started working in the newspaper industry there in sales. Over time I began to learn graphic design.  enough, I had a client that I WANTED to RISE she needed to do just that...RISE and SOAR and I KNEW  that she could. Well, I learned how to use photoshop in about 2 days and I created her quarter-page ad in the paper. I recall that I researched how to make an effective ad from the colors the ad is created with to the background...everything was perfect with the I thought. The ad ran in the weekend edition of the paper, I dropped one off to my customer. She was ecstatic and so happy as she actually got at least 18 clients. I was impressed and motivated...

I went to Mercer University here in Atlanta, GA. I received my B.S. in MARKETING and then B.A. in Creative Design. I began working again at the same paper and also helping create my own ads for the paper and freelancing my graphic design services to other clients...I was determined to help each business become greater!

Today I still have that vision --

I strive to provide each customer with the best customer service, listen and suggest the best product to get the word out, while actually producing stunning items at unbeatable prices. 

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(in classical mythology) a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect.


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