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Growing up Richard assumed he would either become a lawyer or a doctor. He loved to help others, however, he hated math. So, a doctor was a bit farfetched. 

As an after school job, Richard worked at the local newspaper. He really discovered his knack for sales.   He was able to sell more ad space in an hour and a half than many of the other sales reps sold the entire week. Best of all, his clients loved him. They were getting the results they needed. He relentlessly continued to study their trends and sales and truly became a true solutions consultant and the marketing manager for the paper.

Richard graduated from Mercer and continued to reside in Atlanta. Richard's passion for a client's success afforded him as a wonderful consultant to the companies who were not performing up to standards. Richard would come in and make the appropriate recommendations and soon afterward that company was back to being a successful operation. 

During these times Richard would always have a few freelance projects that were going on. He was always doing about seven things to earn some extra income. 

Phoenix is the child of Richard, being tired of working for others and the uncertainty freelancing might provide, he wanted to work for other companies doing what he is good at....

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read and learn about us. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns. 

We do promise that you will be provided with the very best, skilled professional who will create a project for you better than you can imagine! 

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The Freelancers We Hire

We often hire various freelancers for the job overflows that we will often have. Richard Brown,  the founder and the CEO was once a Freelancer he knows what it is like to work without the next project in store, as he is still a border line freelancer himself; 

Founder & CEO

Richard E. Brown


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We use a great deal of local shops to get the actual orints comoleated. 


We do support the local economy and support the business men and women in the community. We wp